Govani Coaching

Farah Govani

Executive Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

Govani Coaching

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re not quite satisfied with your work or career. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, not progressing as you would like or feeling that what you’re doing just isn’t you anymore.  Perhaps you see other people seizing control of their career with both hands and making positive changes in their lives. And you want some of that too.

Or maybe you know exactly where you want to be and you’re looking for support to get there. Maybe you want someone to keep you on track with your ambitions and help you become an even more amazing version of you.

As a coach and mindfulness teacher, I work with people who want to transform their working world. I’m here to help you launch a new phase in your career which is in harmony with who you truly are.

“She carries her sessions with incredible generosity and motivation that make you feel safe, regardless of the challenges.  After our session, I was focused and felt an unleashed strength within me.”

MA, Photographer