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"The mindfulness course has been the best commitment I have ever made."

Jen, MBSR participant

Programme details

Mindfulness enables you to change the way you relate to the demands and stresses at work and in everyday living. In this eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme, you will learn how to thrive in all areas of your life, even amidst the day to day challenges that we encounter.

This course is a systematic and intensive training in mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga. And it can be life changing.

Key themes include:

  • Training our attention: the link between attention and wellbeing
  • Mindful techniques for handling stress more effectively
  • Exploring difficult situations and interactions with others
  • Embedding the learnings into work and daily living

MBSR is traditionally offered in a group format. I run my courses online using Zoom. Check dates for my next group Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. It takes place over eight weeks which comprises eight 2.5 hour weekly classes plus one all-day session which is held towards the end of the programme. Participants will be invited to meditate at home each day over the course of the two months and will be provided with meditation recordings and a course guidebook. The fee for this course is typically £320, with concession prices available on request. This includes three 1:1 sessions with me before, during and after the programme.

I also offer the eight-week mindfulness course on a 1:1 basis. We work through the same curriculum as the group MBSR course, with added scheduling flexibility. The fee for the 1:1 course is £500 plus an optional give-from-the-heart payment at the end.

On completion of the course, participants often embark upon a personal development coaching programme.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when we choose to pay attention to the present moment with an attitude of openness, curiosity and non-judgment. This means purposefully bringing awareness moment-by-moment to what is unfolding in our lives right now. This may seem like an odd thing to do, but through my own daily practice I have found that mindfulness helps me to focus, handle stressful events in a more constructive way and enjoy pleasant moments that could otherwise flit by unnoticed.

Being mindful does not necessarily involve meditation. We can be mindful simply by bringing awareness to our day to day activities such as brushing our teeth or eating our dinner. However many people find that practising mindfulness as a formal meditation, perhaps seated or lying down, can be a very helpful way of training the mind to be more calm and focused.

Helping you thrive amidst change and uncertainty

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