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The Authentic Leadership Programme (ALP) is a unique approach to executive development. Rather than being taught other people’s leadership theories and models that may be irrelevant, the Authentic Leadership Programme teaches participants how to access their own inner resources and wisdom for a more impactful and sustainable learning experience.


The Authentic Leadership Programme has been designed to enable executives and leaders to:

  • define their unique leadership approach and develop a more balanced and ‘whole’ style of leadership. Each attendee crafts their personal Leadership Manifesto
  • cultivate the clarity, creativity, confidence and commitment to drive change
  • improve their focus, listening and communication skills
  • become a more inspirational leader

This two – three day programme is particularly useful if your organisation is embarking on, or is in the midst of, a change programme, e.g. merger or acquisition, roll-out of new values etc.

"I’ve never been moved by a course before or had a course that has really made me sit back, reflect and consider the learning quite as much. The techniques, content and way in which it was delivered will definitely help us all, not just in our careers but in life as well."

BMW Participant

Programme details

We have three ‘brains’ in our body: The Head brain allows us to think creatively and make meaning, the Heart brain helps us to connect with others and the Gut brain mobilises us to take action (mBIT research:

Through a potent combination of training approaches, ALP teaches participants to listen to and lead from all three brains combined, rather than being led by whichever brain is generally most dominant for them. This leads to a more balanced, ‘whole’ form of leadership.

The three brains

  • The Heart brain (Awareness): Allows awareness of self and others, enabling leaders to align with their values and connect and collaborate more effectively with colleagues.
  • The Head brain (Creativity): The expanded awareness from the Heart brain allows the Head brain to be more creative. Enables leaders to develop new perspectives and innovative approaches.
  • The Gut brain (Courage): The Gut brain provides the courage to make innovative ideas happen. It enables leaders to act upon their values, goals and vision, challenge the status quo and deliver creative solutions. Supports doing what’s right, rather than what’s easy.

The Authentic Leadership Programme is so successful because its approach is relevant to each participant. By accessing their own inner resources and wisdom, and with Head, Heart and Gut working in alignment, every participant can unlock their full capabilities, release their leadership brilliance and define their unique leadership approach.

Authentic leadership programme diagram


The Authentic Leadership Programme is always adapted to meet your specific organisational needs.

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