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Executive coaching is a powerful tool for executive and leadership development. We specialise in coaching executives who are navigating through a period of turbulence or uncertainty and may be feeling particularly challenged or overwhelmed. We focus on both the individual’s leadership development needs AND their wellbeing to ensure transformational outcomes both in and out of the office.


Suitable for executives looking to:

  • develop effective ways of working in a changing environment
  • reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm
  • explore the issues affecting their work performance
  • respond positively to change and transition
  • become a more resilient (and brilliant!) leader

Programme details

These are uncertain times. Some leaders thrive in uncertainty and enjoy navigating through all the unknowns. We coach people who don’t.

Our coaching clients are typically senior executives, CEOs and directors who need to be able to steer their way through the challenges, but are experiencing feelings of anxiety or overwhelm which are spilling over into their work performance. We also coach leaders who are told that their work styles are impeding their success, i.e. their “how” is getting in the way of their “what”. They set high standards for themselves and their teams. But these expectations take a toll on professional performance, working relationships and personal health.

Our 1:1 coaching programmes are highly effective and provide a safe structure within which the coachee can explore the issues, identify where their leadership style may be hindering their success, increase their emotional intelligence and take decisive action for successful change. Importantly, the learning gained during the coaching process can be highly sustainable over the longer term.

Each coaching programme is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Some leaders may choose to move straight into a focused coaching programme where we follow a path towards positive change. Others may choose to start with a 1:1 Mindful Leadership programme which equips them with a mindfulness-based toolkit for changing the way they relate to themselves, others, stressful situations and uncertainty.

Executive coaching is the development tool of choice for executives who want to know that the time they invest is expected to have a significant impact on their professional development. Our clients say that they have become more focused, creative and resilient, and that their emotional intelligence has significantly increased, as a direct result of the coaching process.

Read how The Mindfulness Multiplier© enhances outcomes in all our executive development programmes.

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