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You invest in hiring the best and brightest graduate talent for your organisation, but how do you engage with your Millennial and Gen Z populations? How do you enable them to use their talents effectively and access their untapped potential? For pioneering, visionary organisations, the Mindfulness-Based Graduate Development programme is the answer.

Designed specifically for new graduate hires and emerging talent, this year long graduate development programme equips your future leaders with the skills we all need to thrive during these VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) times. These skills empower your graduates to perform at their best for both their own and organisational success.


Suitable for graduates and emerging leaders looking to:

  • perform at their best in their current role
  • equip themselves with the crucial self-management and interpersonal skills needed to succeed throughout their career
  • learn how to ride the waves of VUCA
  • deepen their gravitas and credibility as leaders of the future

Programme details

The foundation module is Mindfulness for Peak Performance. Participants start the programme by learning how to navigate through change and uncertainty in a professionally and personally effective way. Change is a permanent fixture in most of today’s organisations and so this module is the bedrock upon which the whole programme is built.

Building on the self-awareness and self-management skills that develop through the Foundation module, the remainder of the programme focuses on growing these core competencies alongside developing the vital interpersonal skills required to be a successful employee and future leader. And running throughout is an underlying theme of wellbeing (see The Mindfulness Multiplier©).

Each programme is tailored to suit the unique needs of your organisation and graduate population. Sample topics include:

  • Self-awareness: Ongoing mindfulness-based exercises throughout the programme
  • Self-management: Task, time and energy management; navigating the change curve
  • Working with others: Communication with curiosity and care; leading meaningful meetings; the power of a mindful team
  • Wellbeing: Building resilience; thriving amidst uncertainty

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