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Our 1:1 Mindful Leadership course uses mindfulness to help leaders find a different, more effective way of leading which draws on their own inner resources, intuition and natural, in-built wisdom. Mindfulness is a particular way of training the mind. It transforms leadership styles by increasing self-awareness and developing focus and clarity.


Suitable for executives looking to:

  • unlock their full leadership excellence!
  • access clarity, creativity and courage
  • increase focus around purpose and priorities
  • find a more flexible approach to managing complexity
  • contribute to a more collaborative workplace

Programme details

The best leaders are self-aware leaders. They know themselves – their drivers, their thoughts, their emotions, their ‘triggers’, their biases…their minds. They are also aware of how they are ‘meeting’ their working day and have the flexibility and clarity to bend and refocus as circumstances require.

Our eight week Mindful Leadership course is designed to develop self-aware, mindful leaders. Mindfulness can be seen as a strategy, process and a set of behaviours that powerfully train our attention, develop our awareness (of self, others and events happening around us) and enable us to make wise choices.

Strategy: To see the world clearly as it truly is, without positive or negative bias

Process: To pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, with kind curiosity and without harsh judgement

Behaviours: To observe experiences (thoughts, emotions and external events) objectively, without over identifying with them; to respond with awareness and choice rather than with habitual reactions

Our 1:1 Mindful Leader programme is a ‘whole person’ approach to leadership development intended to enable your executives to become the leaders they are truly capable of: successful, mentally agile leaders with the ability to lead others to their own success.

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