Leadership and workplace
wellbeing programmes

Organisational success relies on employees performing at their best. However, sometimes even the most talented employees need support to reach their full potential. We’re here to help unleash that potential with leadership and workplace wellbeing programmes, all of which incorporate The Mindfulness Multiplier© for powerful results.

Executive and Leadership Development

Our executive and leadership development programmes have
been described as ‘transformational’. Read below to learn why.

Govani Coaching offers three distinct programmes for executive and leadership development: executive coaching, the Authentic Leadership Programme and our 1:1 Mindful Leadership course. We also offer a year-long mindfulness-based Graduate Development programme to develop, motivate and retain your future leaders. All our programmes incorporate The Mindfulness Multiplier© - the transformative power behind our training.

Bespoke executive and leadership development programmes

Our executive and leadership development programmes can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Executive Coaching

A powerful way to support the professional development of your executives and leaders. 1:1 executive coaching offers a personalised, flexible approach to leadership growth…

Authentic Leadership Programme

An innovative programme that teaches leaders how to access their inner wisdom and release their full leadership potential using the three ‘brains’…

1:1 Mindful Leadership Course

A 1:1 personalised mindfulness course for developing the skills associated with mindful leadership, such as clarity, creativity and the courage to implement impactful change…

Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing programmes and short courses for
reduced workplace stress and a more resilient workforce

Success in most organisations relies on the very things that unhappiness and stress erode: collaboration, creativity, cognitive flexibility and effective decision-making. The statistics relating to workplace stress make for unpleasant reading. In 2017-2018, 595,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the UK, resulting in a loss of 15.4 million working days (Health and Safety Executive, 2018). In addition, stress is responsible for a huge loss of national productivity.

Govani Coaching offers a range of well-being courses, workshops and seminars specifically intended to reduce workplace stress and boost general well-being, including our gold standard “Mindfulness for Peak Performance”. Happier, healthier employees means happier, healthier organisations.

Mindfulness for Peak Performance

An intensive, eight week programme of mindfulness for personal and professional performance. Based on the acclaimed Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)...

Mindfulness Basics

A six week introduction to mindfulness designed to boost resilience and improve well-being through a range of simple to use tools and techniques...

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops on a range of topics to support and improve the wellbeing of your employees. Bespoke options available...

Graduate Development Programme

Our innovative Graduate Development programme for graduate hires and emerging talent

Research by Deloitte (2018) suggests that while millennials and Gen Z are technologically savvy, they may require workplace support to help them develop their interpersonal and innovation skills. That’s why we’ve put together this ground-breaking graduate development programme to equip your graduates and emerging leaders with the breadth of skills to excel in their career.

Graduates and Emerging Leaders

A year long, modular based training programme to maximise the skills of your graduates and emerging leaders in the short term and prepare them for their longer term growth...

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